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Computer basics Classes in Juhapura

Getting stuck to carry out basic tasks through a computer in your student or corporate life? ILM foundation in Juhapura is the best institute to master Computer basics.

What is Computer Basics?

Ilm Foundation
It is very much necessary to have command over certain basic software and tools like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. Expertise in such tools is considered essential in a corporate environment and you can learn all these essentials at our basic Computer training in Juhapura. You can work in finance, banking, accounts, tech, or any other domain basic knowledge of computers is required everywhere. The training will also cover techniques to speed up the process which can highly help you with research or corporate experiences.

What is included in this Course?

  • Ilm Foundation Software
  • Ilm Foundation Internet
  • Ilm Foundation Hardware
  • Ilm Foundation Social Networking
  • Ilm Foundation MS Office
  • Ilm Foundation Multimedia

Why Join ILM Foundation?

ILM foundations put the best-experienced individuals from the corporate and learning industries on the table. These highly experienced individuals bring the best standard practices in various industries to the curriculum. Our Computer Basics training course prepares you with basic knowledge about computers so that you can enjoy success in your domain hurdle-free.
  • Training under Industry and their Experienced Professional trainers
  • Affordable prices
  • Certificate after completing training
  • Great place to Learn
  • Focus on Practical knowledge
Ilm Foundation

What are the benefits of Computer Basics Course?

Ilm Foundation
  • Basic knowledge of how software / hardware works
  • Gain Global Acceptance
  • Improved career growth speed in your domain
  • Fast Document and Report generation skills

Who is Eligible for Computer Basics Course?

Ilm Foundation
If you are completely new in corporate life or are a student, this is the best course to start with. You don’t need any prerequisite skill or knowledge to start this course. Below given are certain roles who should go for this course to up-skill and clear the basics in computers.
  • Students, Influencers, Freelancers
  • Engineers, Accounting Professionals, Banking Professionals
  • Graduate who are just going to start their career
  • Professionals facing difficulty in handling basic tasks in MS Office.

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