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Graphic Design Classes in Jivraj Park

Want to get your hands on Graphic Designing but are confused about how and where to start, we are the best training institute for Graphic Designing in Jivraj park.

What is Graphic Designing?

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Trends keep on changing in various industries, especially in marketing industry. In 21st century companies are giving more importance to content marketing, and for that they need to make use of images and infographics. According to one research it proved that eyes are responsible for 90% of sensation advice to our brains, and brains have programmed to find and alluring reputation in seconds. Therefore, graphic design is an important skill to attract and engage your target audience. This industry has really picked up in the last decade. The Graphic Design training in our classes will not only cover all the topics for beginners but will also help professionals with tips and tactics to improve their efficiency.

What is included in this Course?

There are several tools and skills that come under the umbrella word of ‘graphic designing’. The main reason being graphic design has undoubtedly impact on digital as well as print media. This specific graphic design course is designed and taught by industry experts, and the course meets global standards. Below are some of the topics and tools that will be covered
  • User Experience
  • Video Creation
  • Illustrator
  • Website deigns
  • Photoshop
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Why Join ILM Foundation?

We have a legacy of more than 10+ years in providing digital solutions and award-winning technology to world’s leading enterprises. ILM foundation aims to help student and working professionals to upskill and enhance their career. The courses in ILM Foundation are designed by highly experienced people having good record of accomplishment in corporates. The Graphics designing classes by ILM in Jivraj-park bridges the gap between people and industry need and some of its benefits are
  • Certificate of completion
  • Competitive course content matching the global standards and Industry needs.
  • Trained by professional working in corporate.
  • Affordable prices
  • Great place to Learn
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Benefits of Graphic Designing Course

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  • Understand colour and sentiment analysis.
  • Design effective marketing collaterals.
  • Working Knowledge of Software like Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Learn how to add ideas in Video.
  • Designing a website
  • Improved career growth speed in your domain.

Who is Eligible for graphic Design Course?

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There is no specific skill, or any other specific prerequisite required to start this course. Whether you are a student, recently graduate or a professional looking forward to up-skilling, this is the best course to start with. Below are certain roles and personas that should take up this course
  • Freshers – Aimed to learn new skills.
  • Working professionals – Aimed to make a career shift or advance your career by adding value to your cv.
  • Entrepreneurs – Aimed to expand your business, save cost of your prevailing business, learn importance of designing in product and marketing collaterals.

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