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Graphic Design Classes in Juhapura

The visuals are playing a leading role nowadays in concepts like brand management, marketing, pitch preparation, etc. ILM Foundation, Juhapura has built this course specifically for those who want to learn graphic designing from the best industry experts.

What is Graphic Designing?

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Graphic design is around us in all the forms, it is available in digital as well as print media, it is a combination of images and words to fulfil a communication goal. The main aim of this specialization is to equip learners with the set of transferable formal and conceptual tools, this will help in achieving the “making and communicating” phycology in the field of graphic design. It can be understood as a science of visuals that can be used to trigger specific emotions of viewers or clients. This field is expanding as never before and has a great future.

What is included in this Course?

The course is designed by people are experienced in this field and have been working in corporate since long time. The course content meets the global standards and can divided but not limited to following topics
  • User Experience
  • Video Creation
  • Illustrator
  • Website deigns
  • Photoshop
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Why Join ILM Foundation?

The ILM Foundation brings in the best-in-class industry experts to build best in class curriculum and course content. The teachers are the ones who have built collaterals and designs for some of the biggest corporate and are willing to share this experience with students and the younger generation now. ILM Foundation provides the best possible opportunities to upskill through various global standard courses and Graphic design is one of them.
  • Certificate of completion
  • Competitive course content matching the global standards and Industry needs.
  • Trained by professional working in corporate.
  • Affordable prices
  • Great place to Learn
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Benefits of Graphic Designing Course

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  • Understand colour and sentiment analysis.
  • Understand tactics to create best marketing collaterals.
  • Working Knowledge of Software like Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Learn how to implement ideas in Video.
  • Learn how to design a website.
  • Improved career growth speed in your domain.

Who is Eligible for graphic Design Course?

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Students and people already working in corporate are eligible. As everything will be taught right from the beginning there is nothing that you need to know beforehand. People at below-mentioned positions should straight away go with this course
  • Freshers – Improve your resume, Learn the latest technology and tools, stand out with unique skillset.
  • Working professionals – Make a career shift, increase your work portfolio, advance your career by adding value to your cv, work as part-time freelancer.
  • Entrepreneurs – Expand your business, save cost of your prevailing business, learn importance of designing in product and marketing collaterals.and marketing collaterals.

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