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The Leadership Team

Abdul Razak Memon


Abdul Razak Memon is an Industrialist, Social Reformer and an Educationist at heart. Upon graduation with Honors in Mechanical Engineering from LD Engineering College in Gujarat, India, he worked for a couple of multi-national companies in Ahmedabad. He then transitioned from his job and started his journey as an Industrialist – A serial entrepreneur, he was instrumental in jump starting many successful multi-national companies in the area of Manufacturing, IT and Healthcare both in USA and India.

Alongside his professional strides, he remained an ardent social worker and has dedicated majority of his adult life working on initiatives that bring reformation in society leveraging spread of Education and Knowledge. He serves on numerous Boards of both for profit and non-profit organizations. He served for over 15 years as the Hon Secretary of Halai Memon Moti Jamat and also represented the Jamat in All India Memon Federation. He was the founding member of Seerat Committee, SkyLark Education Trust and now ILM Foundation. Most of his non-profit organizations work in the area of education. He is currently the Vice President of Sky Lark Education Trust and the Managing Director & CEO of ILM Foundation.

He firmly believes in “Empowerment through Education” and created ILM Foundation with a goal of partnering with other NGOs and helping them expand their offerings in the field of Technology. He is a global traveler and a US Citizen, but he has a penchant for India which is his country of birth. Hence, he spends a lot of time in India doing social work. Apart from business and social activities he loves to spend time and travel with his wife, three children and five grandchildren.